About Us

Pain Management Consultation offers virtual physical therapy for treating various types of pain, especially neck, back, and knee pains. Many people suffer from pain due to aging and physical activities, but they may not have the time or money to seek help from professionals. Our online consultations give people the flexibility to take care of their pain problems from home.

Our Mission

We aim to help people live a pain-free life. Living with pain, such as neck pain, back pain, or knee pain, can affect our quality of life in many ways. Pain can stop us from doing activities we enjoy and can reduce our productivity.

Many people ignore their pain and let the condition get worse due to a limited budget. With our online service, we offer better prices for those people. For busy people who travel frequently, they can have a video call with us from anywhere in the world. We want to make our professional service accessible to everyone, so we offer online consultations rather than physical consultations.

Who is Behind This Site?

Dr. Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson, PT, DPT is the founder of Pain Management Consultation. As a physical therapist, she’s got loads of experience in helping people who suffer from chronic neck, back or knee pains.

She received her Bachelor of Science (BS) from the University of Delaware and her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of St. Augustine. Sophia Anderson, PT, DPT is licensed to practice in California and New Jersey, and she’s CPR certified.

In addition, she’s trained and certified to treat the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), showing her commitment to top-notch care.

What We Offer

  1. Virtual Physical Therapy: You can book a session of virtual physical therapy with Sophia Anderson, PT, DPT to learn about your neck pain, back pain, and knee pain conditions. She will design a custom treatment plan for you to relieve pain.
  2. Newsletter: We send out updates and tips about pain relief treatments and technology to help our subscribers stay informed.